Special Projects

Project Name: Denver Union Station

Location:  Denver, CO

Project Description:

Denver Union Station is a $350 million transit project and HUB, RTD Fastracks program that integrates light rail, commuter rail, Amtrak, and bus service.  St. Andrews Construction has played a major role in specific areas of the project.

Bus Box Lighting – Installation of interior lighting at Denver Union Station bus box that includes drive lanes, bus ramps, inner concourse and pavilions.  Installation includes 39 different lighting fixtures totaling 1, 192 lights.

Public Realm with Water Feature – Installation of all exterior lighting at Denver Union Station Public Realm that includes walk way areas and landscape features. One of the most noticeable accent lighting is the Tear Drop planters near the Light Rail Station that feature the planters with lights on the bottom that gives the illusion that the planter is floating. Due to long standing industry partnerships SACS was instrumental in bringing together design and lighting manufacturers that met all requirements for installation.  SACS was responsible for the installation of the grounding system, pumps, jet cans and lighting for the water feature.

Fire Alarm with Smoke Management & Mass Notification – Installation of the fire alarm system at the Denver Union Station included the Bus Box drive lanes and concourse, CRT and Pedestrian Bridge Platforms. The installation included a complex Smoke Management System that interfaced with a Johnson Controls HVAC system for control of the dampers.  This project also includes a Mass Notification System that was the first of its kind in the Denver Metro Area.  The Mass Notification System was installed to integrate with the PA System and Visual Messaging System. SACS was instrumental in helping to design this installation so that all three systems, Fire Alarm, Smoke Management and Mass Notification could be integrated in a single central system.


Highlighted Special Projects:

Project Name: St. Vincent’s Hospital Chiller Upgrade Project
Location:  Santa Fe, NM
Final Contract Amount:  $980,714.00

Project Name: 2008 Democratic National Convention
Location: Denver, CO
Final Contract Amount:  $943,027.00

Project Name: Johnson & McFarlane Hall
Location: Denver, CO
Final Contract Amount: $176,580.00

Project Name: RTD 96 Strand Fiber Cut-Over for the New Denver Union Station
Location: Denver, CO
Final Contract Amount:  $85,675.00