RTD 96 Strand Fiber Cut-Over for the New Denver Union Station

Location:  Denver, CO

Project Description:

Installed a new 96 Strand Fiber Backbone that re-routed all of RTD’s main communication lines between their operations facility to the following Light Rail Stations: Pepsi Center, Wewatta, Union, and Mile High. This re-routing involved pulling the fiber thru existing manholes and new manholes placed specifically for the cut-over, with the majority of the manholes placed in a street or between lightrail tracks, making the project somewhat hazardous. The original line that was in place was prohibiting the construction of the new Denver Union Station, stopping the attachment of the new Bus Box to the historic Denver Union Station on Wynkoop. The re-routing of this 96 Strand Fiber required special training for additional safety considerations, as well as hours of coordination with RTD, the Denver Street Dept., and St. Andrews to keep disruption to the public and to our customer to a minimum.  Thanks to these efforts there were no injuries, no complete street closures were required, and RTD was only without communication to the affected stations for a few minutes, exceeding everybody’s expectations

Contract Number: 1mass 31049

Final Contract Amount: $85,675.00

Timeliness: Completed