SACS Leadership and Team

Rusty Gonzales

Rusty is Chief Executive Officer of St. Andrews and has been a small business owner for 30 years. He oversees the financial position of the company and manages business development.

As visionary for the company he continually monitors the company’s strategic business plan. A believer in continuing education, Rusty strongly encourages the staff to embrace every training opportunity that comes along and he is committed to always providing a learning environment at St. Andrews.

Rusty earned his business acumen through 30 years of business ownership and has been the head of St. Andrews Construction for 16 years.

Steve Wren

Steve is the President of St. Andrews Construction Services and has been instrumental in the growth of the company for the last 10 years. His 25 years in the construction industry have given him the experience to lead the construction team to many of our successes. Steve oversees the construction team and provides operational guidance that keeps the entire team focused, productive and eager to complete projects successfully.

Steve earned his Electrical Engineering degree from Washington State University and has been with St. Andrews over 10 years.

St. Andrews has an investment in our employees that brings a level of expertise to each project and allows for successful project planning and construction execution. Our craft personnel are involved in industry training that keeps them on the leading edge of today’s new technology.

Whether it is pre-planning with other trades or mitigation of changes orders caused by design deficiencies, we focus on always looking ahead. Our management team ensures that from our internal “project kick off meetings”, to our onsite customer training; we always deliver more that the customer expects.