Tower Strobe Project

Location:  NIST – Ft. Collins Campus, Ft. Collins, Colorado

Project Description: 

Replaced the warning lighting systems on eight 400 ft tall and one 200 ft. tall towers. This upgrade met the latest FAA standard and converted the existing lights to the LED technology in order to save energy and increase the life of the lamps, thus reducing maintenance costs. The work included installation of new raceway, supports and mounting brackets for the top and side beacons and sidelights. The new enclosures for the controls and power supplies were mounted on fabricated racks. Once the new system was in operation the old lights and raceways were removed from the towers. The project also included remote monitoring for alarm conditions to alert the facility personnel if any failures were detected on each of the towers.

Contract Number:  SB1341-09-CN-0061

Final Contract Amount: $469,717.00

Timeliness:  September 2009 – January 2010

Customer’s Name:  NIST