Occupancy Sensor Bldg 210

Location:  Schriever AFB. Colorado Springs Bldg 210

Project Description:    

Energy Saving Lighting Retrofit – New Lutron Quantum Management Solution programmable ballasts, lamps and tombstone replacements for existing light fixtures, with the installation of motion sensor and IR sensor controls.  This system also had daylight harvesting and programming for ballast to run no higher than 75% to help reduce energy consumption. St. Andrews worked directly with independent lighting designers to develop a lighting system that would exceed the client’s requirements.  Installation was coordinated not interfere with client occupied space or interfere with clients day to day tasks.

Contract Number:  FA2550-09-C- 1022

Final Contract Amount:  $220,633.00

Timeliness:  November 2, 2009 – March 5, 2010

Customers Name: 50 CONS/ LGCA