NREL Electrical Service Modification Project

Location:  NREL National Wind Technology Center

Project Description:  

The scope of this project was to reconfigure service terminations and bus within the main switchgear in Building 253 to divide into separate Turbine Bus and Building Bus services.  Two new metering cabinets were provided and installed with two utility feeders from a new S-2 switch to both the Turbine Bus and Building Bus.  The outdoor metering cabinets with bases work included the terminations, phone connections, and grounding system.  Building 253 switchgear was reconfigured including controls, communication, and relays.  There was extensive coordination with Xcel for metering components being furnished and requirements associated with the installation.  Existing Row #2 feeder, small dyno feeder, large dyno feeder & DERTF feeders were relocated and extended to route from the Turbine Bus to the Building Bus with  UL Listed splices underground.  The settings on all relays in both the Turbine Bus and Building Bus switchgear were revised and tested.  Provided the required testing for the new configuration. Electrical test on the entire new configuration was completed and complied with NETA’s latest requirements.

Contract Number:   KAFH-8-77676-19

Final Contract Amount:  $262,325.00

Timeliness:   April 2010 – November 2010

Customers Name:  NREL