FTLB Mechanical Upgrades Project

Location:   National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Project Description:       

Project scope was in two parts.  Part 1 was the installation of six (6) – 4 million BTU Fulton boilers and one (1) 450 Ton McQuay chiller supplied by NREL.  This required the phased demolition of four (4) existing boilers and installation of the new boilers to maintain heating requirements for the occupied FTLB.  Existing smaller equipment in the chiller room was relocated in order to clear space.  All new electrical power for new equipment was installed and included work and breaker in the MCC and emergency MCC.  All new DDC controls were installed for the controlling and sequencing of new boilers and chiller.  The new boilers required installation of additional columns and framing to upgrade the existing boiler room structural steel.  Old concrete equipment pads were removed and new pads installed as well as concrete cuts for in-floor trench drains.  Multiple interior and exterior penetrations from small to 18″ in diameter were made, some through pre-cast finished walls.  As a large change to project additional pumps and piping were installed to tie the increased capacity of the boilers to the site infrastructure for heating capabilities to other buildings.  Roof patching and lighting protection upgrades were included.  All piping was paint identified.

Part 2 was the replacement an AHU with 52,000 CFM Air Handling Unit in the north-west fan loft.  This required the installation and operation of a temporary 40,000 CFM air handling unit.  AHU replacement work required cutting a large opening in the exterior of the building at the second story.  This required structural upgrades to the existing steel in the fan loft and below.  New power and controls were installed for the AHU.  The fire protection system was revised for the new equipment.

Contract Number:  AGM-1-114223-01

Final Contract Amount:  $2,315,021.00

Customers Name:  NREL