Byron White Courthouse Energy Conservation Management (ECM)

Location:  Denver, Colorado

Project Description:      

The project contained various scopes of work towards the goal of Energy Conservation Management (ECM) in the Byron White Federal Courthouse.  The scope included the installation of lighting controls and automatic switching devices to provide more energy efficient lighting throughout the five floors. Performance required extensive coordination with the Tenth District Courts and building management in order to work in several judge’s chambers and court conference rooms.  In this historic building, lighting systems including relay panels, master switches and occupancy sensors, were installed with little disruption to court functions and architectural features. The project also included replacement of five cooling towers with new installation of piping, controls and pump VFD’s.  Re-programming of many of the air handling controls was completed to optimize HVAC conditions in the building.

Contract Number: GS-08P-JB-D-0051

Final Contract Amount: $1,825,147.00

Timeliness:  Completed

Customers Name:  General Services Administration (GSA)