ATCT Chiller and Cooling Tower Replacement

Location:  Denver International Airport, Air Traffic Control Tower Base Building, Denver, Colo.

Project Description:

This project was performed at the base building of the ATCT at Denver International Airport. The cooling system that was upgraded serves the FAA base building and tower and is critical to air safety at one of the top 5 busiest airports in the United States. Coordination with DIA, FAA, and project team members was critical for all the work outages. The scope included removal of the existing two chillers, cooling towers, associated piping and pumps, associated power and control system and a remote radiator for the emergency generator. The new system included upgrades to the emergency diesel generator for an engine mounted radiator, addition of 3 chillers, cooling towers and the associated piping and pumps. The electrical system was upgraded to support the new mechanical equipment including VFD’s, heat  trace, disconnects, MCC upgrades and lighting. The control system was upgraded to the latest protocol from Johnson Controls with a complete new head end control system. In order to make room for the cooling tower equipment the structure had concrete and roof decking removed and reworked with new curb. Structural steel was removed and reworked to fabricate a new structural curtain wall to support the new louver system. Concrete equipment pads were removed and re-poured to accommodate the new layout. Other elements included drywall, painting, firestopping and sealant installation. All systems were tested and inspected by FAA personnel.

Contract Number:  DTFANM-10-C-00132

Final Contract Amount:  $1,736,459.00