I-255 Light Rail Expansion

Location: I-225 Corridor – Aurora, Colorado

Project Description:

Electrical Construction of eight station platforms, three public plaza areas and two parking lots.  Installation included the underground raceways for commination and power, ground grid system, overall site lighting, platform grounding, and on site power for all equipment.  Two platform station also included Fire alarm system installation. Coordination of the construction and procurement for each Power Control Cabinet (PCC) to each of the stations and preformed the installation for each PCC.  St. Andrews also coordinated the ground testing and site lighting (photometric field testing) for each of the stations, plazas and parking lots.

St. Andrews Construction is to install PVC 40 underground raceways, manholes, pull boxes, duct banks, including pull strings, mandrel logs, tagging concrete encasement, reinforcing where required, tracing wire, warning tape and all other work required to complete the installation of the Mainline ductbank, Traction Electrification ductbank, Signal, Communications and Low Voltage raceways.  Furnish and install 7 cell microduct, type 6 hand-holes, type 1 man-holes, type-3 manholes (drainage bedding, cable racking and labeling for all man-holes and hand-holes) and install grounding for all man-holes. Install 4/0 bare copper ground ring for Iliff Station, install grounding to steel plates embedded flush with platform surface, install grounding to Track fencing at Iliff Station, perform exothermic welding of ground ring connections. Furnish and install Type 1 manhole lateral of existing mainline ductbank. Install fence grounding that meets 25 Ohms resistance or less; ground resistance testing, and ground assemblies at multiple access points. Install Tier 15 Quazite Boxes, 965 LF Concrete Encased 4″ schedule 40 PVC conduit, 650 LF Direct Bury 4″ Schedule 40 PVC conduit, 45 LF Vertical Exposed 4″ PVC Coated/GRC conduit, 885 LF Directional Boring & HDPE conduit under roadways, 54,161 LF of Draka-Blown-in 144 strand fiber with Corning SMF-28 Glass, 5,266 LF of Duraline micro-tube with integrated tracer wire, 5 Coyote box/144 strand fiber splices, post-installation fiber OTDR testing. Furnish and install duct bank, lateral ductbank, type 1 and 3 manholes,  and drainage bedding, cable racking and grounding for all man-holes. Install 4500′ of 1″, 2600′ of 2″, 1530′ of 3″, and 2100′ of 4″ Schedule 40 PVC at 225 Florida Station Platform. Install 1″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ 90 degree PVC/GRC elbows. Install electrical lighting systems (lighting fixtures, LED light fixture power packs, light poles, snap switches, lighting controls, raceway and raceway fitting, pull or outlet boxes, wiring and wire termination), electrical power systems (power control cabinets, panelboards, transformers, fused and non-fused disconnect switches and auxiliary contacts, meter socket base, shorting block and enclosure, straight blade receptacles and cover plates), grounding systems (ground bus bars, ground wire, ground wire termination), communication systems (raceway and raceway supports and raceway fitting), access control system, and fire alarm system. Install PCC Feeders from Xcel XFMR, install comm house feeders, relay house feeders, power control center and lighting system including all light fixtures, poles, etc. Install underground Schedule 40 PVC conduit, type 6 hand-holes, type 8 hand-holes and drainage bedding, cable racking, labeling and grounding for all hand-holes. Install lighting system, raceway, wire, grounding and testing at Iliff Station Plaza and Iliff Station Retention Pond. Furnish and install bridge conduits, supports, expansion/deflection fittings and pull boxes. Install 100′ maximum length allowance for Xcel Power Feeds to Traction Stations and Relay Houses. Furnish and install SC-mainline duct bank, SC-lateral duct bank, and type 1, 3 and 6 man-holes with cable racking, grounding and labeling. Provide branch circuits for Irrigation Controller and parking lot light poles. Provide and install light pole fixtures and grounding of light poles which include Type PL3, PL4, PL5A, PL5B, and CCTV poles.

 Contract Number: 420001112

 Contract Amount: $21,951.652.43

Timeliness: 1/1/2017 – Current

 Client Name: Kiewit Corporation