Community Involvement

Latino Community Foundation of Colorado

The Latino Community Foundation of Colorado brings together Hispanic philanthropists in an effort to provide grants and leadership to nonprofit Latino based organizations.  Nonprofit organizations serve many Latino communities in Colorado and through the generosity of its donors and supporters LCFC has been able to provide 60 grants totaling more than $875,000.

Rusty Gonzales is a founding donor of the Latino Community Foundation and his way of giving back to the Latino community and those that need assistance.

To join the outstanding work of the Latino Community Foundation please contact:

Latino Community Foundation of Colorado
600 S. Cherry Street, Suite 1200
Denver, CO 80246
p 303.398.7448  f 303.398.7430

Escuela de Guadalupe

Escuela de Guadalupe is a K-5 dual language Catholic elementary school that provides students with a high quality, financially accessible educational program.  They not only focus on academic performance but are committed to ensuring students are college bound and ready to become active participants in their communities.  The students at Escuela represent an urban population that historically would have high drop rates but thanks to those committed to the work of Escuela these children have the opportunity to become successful leaders in a multicultural world.

To find out more information and become a donor please contact:

Escuela de Guadalupe
3401 Pecos Street
Denver, CO 80211
p 303.964.8456

“Generous support from donors like you enables Escuela de Guadelupe to make a difference for children in Denver. We appreciate your belief in our program and we hope that you will continue to support our mission to develop compassionate leaders for the world of tomorrow.”

David Card
President, Escuela de Guadelupe