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Delivered As Promised

St. Andrews Construction takes pride in delivering our clients a project that exceeds expectations both in budget and schedule.


Milestone Satisfaction


St. Andrews Construction strives to communicate with clarity at all times. Our employees work together to display integrity and honesty, ensuring transparency throughout the life of a project.


At St. Andrews Construction, it’s not service and safety, it’s service WITH safety. Our safety culture has made us one of the safest companies to work with in the Denver metro area. At .75, our workmen’s compensation EMR rate is in the lowest range amongst our peers.

Experience Modification Rating

Long Lasting Relationships

Building and maintaining relationships have always been a primary focus of St. Andrews Construction. Adding a personal touch with clients has allowed us to cultivate a culture of long-standing, well developed relationships.

St. Andrews’ Team

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            Rusty Gonzales

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               Steve Wren

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             Vicki Wren

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                      Wayne Phillips

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           Casey Snow

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               Louie Cordova


12520 First Street
PO Box 1115
Eastlake, CO 80614

St. Andrew's Construction Services

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