NGDC Renovation

Location:  David Skaggs Building – Boulder, CO

Project Description:

Interior tenant finish which included demolition to expand the existing room into a new facility to hold the NGDC computer racks and servers. This included removal and replacement of a raised floor system, new fire rated walls, new power and lighting for the facility, new mechanical HVAC for ceiling mounted fan coil units. Special systems included fire sprinkler system, fire detection upgrade, EPO system and security. Architectural elements included wall reconstruction for doors and windows with associated drywall, ceiling and painting.  The raised floor element was installed throughout the new space. The entire floor space covered 1000 sf. These were set up with 12” stanchions, support rails, floor tiles and ground grid with associated cut-outs for an entire assembly.  St. Andrews also performed a design-build element for GSA on the NGDC Renovation.

Contract Number:  GS-08P-08-JB-D-0051 / GS-P-08-10-JB-5038

Final Contract Amount:  $489,531.00

Period of Performance:  June 2010 – December 2010

Customers Name:  General Services Administration (GSA)