Byron White Courthouse ECM

Location:  Denver, Colo.

Project Description:

The project contained various scopes of work towards the goal of Energy Conservation Management (ECM) in the Byron White Federal Courthouse.  The Byron White Courthouse is in operation and is home to several federal judges and associated offices. Coordination with building occupants for closures, outages, activities with noise and deliveries was an ongoing responsibility for St Andrews project members. The scope included the replacement of five cooling towers with upgraded piping, controls and pump VFD’s.  Also included was the installation of lighting controls and automatic switching devices to provide more energy efficient lighting throughout the five floors.  Weather stripping on the exterior doors were installed to reduce energy loss from the building.  Re-programming of many of the air handling controls was also completed to optimize HVAC conditions in the building. The associated activities that were required included framing, drywall, concrete cutting and pour back. This project was performed in two phases in order to keep cooling requirements satisfied for the building. The first phase involved two cooling towers being removed, replaced and tested and then the second phase involved the last three cooling towers following the same process.

Contract Number:  GS-08P-JB-D-0051 / GS-P-08-10-JB-5020

Final Contract Amount: $1,829,878.00

Period of Performance:  March 2010 – July 2011

Customers Name:  General Services Administration (GSA)