Pre-Construction Services

St. Andrews believes that early involvement in projects allows the client to receive the “best value” for their construction investment. Our pre-construction services include design build and design assist contract methods. These methods allow comparative analysis on critical components required for the project.

This value engineering analysis allows St. Andrews to work closely with designers, engineers and vendors to provide information on availability, cost and labor requirements for installation. This allows the client to make decisions based on time sensitivity and best value purchasing.

Design-Build Philosophy

St. Andrews employs a design-build methodology that focuses on providing the client with an approach that joins professional design and construction expertise.  Each design-build project with involvement by St. Andrews begins with identifying the objectives, needs, and concerns of the client.  After project and customer criteria are identified, St. Andrews collaborates with the design professionals that are best suited for a project based upon level of difficulty, size, and individual requirements.  By matching design teams with a project after close scrutiny of project requirements, unwarranted costs are alleviated allowing for a streamlined project with a narrow focus on the client’s requirements.

Construction Philosophy

In order to maintain the consistency through the life of the design–build project, St. Andrews Construction Services Corporation will bring the design-build team members to the construction team. This will maximize the knowledge of the construction team and any planning already accomplished. We will continue to be an active member to the overall construction TEAM and will have input for cost and schedule impacts to the project as it moves into construction. We can identify cost and schedule impacts if any design changes are being implemented as a condition of client requests or field conditions. Otherwise we will be able to participate in subcontractor meetings to identify activities that will be worked on, coordination of other trades that may be required, safety concerns and other job-site issues.

 Design- Build Projects

Bureau of Reclamation – Space Consolidation, Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building
Location:  Salt Lake City, Utah
Contact Award:  $1,711,330.00

Byron White Courthouse ECM
Location:  Denver, Colo.
Final Contract Amount: $1,829,878.00

NGDC Renovation
Location:  David Skaggs Building – Boulder, CO
Final Contract Amount:  $489,531.00

Denver Public Schools – Energy Conservation 2009
Location:  Denver, Colo. – Various Public Schools
Final Contract Amount:  $885,208.00