Whittier Elementary Chiller School

Location:  Denver, Colo.

Project Description: 

Project was located within Denver Public School district. Majority of the project was conducted in the mechanical boiler room. This project involved replacing the building chiller. The chiller was located in basement area. St. Andrews assisted with the design, engineering and perform the general construction needed to remove the old chiller and install a new one. St Andrews removed sections of the mechanical room roof and replaced part of the roof with access doors for future use to mechanical room. Elements included concrete demolition and installation, CMU wall construction, painting, fire alarm, electrical and controls. The project required a high level of coordination with the client to minimize impacts to daily school activities and classroom settings during project.

Contract Number:  7-1914

Final Contract Amount:  $404,203

Period of Performance:   November 2009 – June 2010

Customer’s Name:  US Engineering