Since 1997, St. Andrews Construction Services Corp. has been a proud and active member of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Rocky Mountain Chapter, a leading association of electrical contractors with 119 chapters and 70,000 members. Established in 1879, the organization is dedicated to industry advancement and support through informational and promotional initiatives, continuing education, labor relations, and greater development of local business ordinances.

Rusty Gonzales, founder and president of St. Andrews, a member of NECA Rocky Mountain Chapter, currently sits on the Board of Directors, Labor Management Committee and Chairs the Research, Management and Development committee. Previously, Rusty was a committee member of the Joint Industry Promotional Fund. As an active NECA contractor, we work to make the electrical contractors and union electricians a cohesive, professional construction trade.

For more information about NECA, contact:

National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)
Rocky Mountain Chapter
495 Uinta Way, Suite 240
Denver, CO 80230


The Hispanic Contractors of Colorado (HCC) is non-profit association that serves 135 members through a wide range of diverse companies.  HCC focuses on creating equal opportunities for minority firms in the construction industry.  They encourage their firms to become active members through training, networking opportunities, outreach programs and public advocacy groups.  HCC represents minorities, women and small businesses in the subcontractor, supplies and services, design/engineering firms and public entities, among their members are some of the largest contractors in the United States.  The HCC provides the construction industry with competent and knowledgeable individuals in their prospective fields and has played a leading role in economic growth throughout the community.

Rusty Gonzales, Vice President of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Membership/Marketing committee for the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado and is proud to be serving on a board that strives to encourage growth of a strong Hispanic community.

For more information about the HCC contact:

Hispanic Contractors of Colorado (HCC)
646 Mariposa Street, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80204
p 303.893.3893   f 303.893.2877

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

St. Andrews Construction is a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver; the chamber promotes the growth of Hispanic businesses within the metro Denver area. Among the many benefits the chamber provides they have created numerous economic opportunities through training seminars, workshops and public policy. The Hispanic Chamber offers forums through councils and committees to discuss issues that have a real impact on businesses, industry and the community.  These committees include healthcare, public policy, marketing and communication and business development.

For more information on the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce contact:

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver
924 W. Colfax Ave, Suite 201
Denver, CO 80204
p 303.534.7783  f 303.595.8977